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Can I still grade their writing if I am not "good" with teaching writing or language arts?

Yes! You don’t have to be “good” at writing to grade it.

Most of the grading on writing assignments actually happens during the writing process because students are required to complete specific tasks based on each lesson. At the end of writing assignments, a “checklist” will be used to score or confirm that each task presented in the writing assignment has been completed properly. You will simply use the checklist provided with the writing assignment to make sure the student has followed the writing process and has completed each step properly.

Each assignment will also require specific revisions during the revision process, which will need to be checked off as well. This varies by assignment and by grade level.

Later, beginning in 7th grade, an additional form of evaluation called a "rubric" is added. This provides you with greater control in assigning a score.

You will find a video, under the support tab, that helps explain the rubric in more detail. Also, we now offer Scoring Services for Levels 6-12. You can learn more by visiting this link: