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How does Essentials In Writing compare to other homeschool writing curricula?

There is a host of excellent writing curricula on the market. We are always open to recommend other writing programs that fit well with families; nonetheless, we believe there are a few things that set us apart from other writing curricula in the homeschool market.


Mr. Stephens teaches directly to the student in each lesson. Students can learn and complete the assignments while parents facilitate and monitor. With a student-centered program, students have control of their learning and are often more energized and empowered to learn.

-Not Parent Intensive (Low Prep Time)

Mr. Stephens teaches directly to the student in each lesson. Parents do not have to be trained to use this program. Additionally, parents do not have to prepare writing lessons ahead of time.


Essentials in Writing focuses primarily on teaching and modeling portions of a composition over several days, resulting in shorter lesson times over several days versus longer lecture periods and assignments.

-A complete language arts program

Essentials in Writing is considered a complete writing program as it includes both grammar and composition instruction. Parents can use Essentials in Writing alongside reading/literature, spelling, and/or vocabulary study to create a complete language arts program.


Essentials in Writing is a video-based writing program that is affordable.

-Grading is a breeze

Parents and students are provided with a checklist for each composition (plus grading rubrics beginning in Level 7) and sample compositions for comparison.

7. Certified Instruction

Matthew Stephens earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Missouri State University and holds a teaching certificate from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with emphasis in Middle and High School English. He also holds a Master of Education Administration from William Woods University and a Master of Music (Choral Conducting) from Texas State University. Mr. Stephens is an energetic and skilled teacher.