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Essentials in Literature

Where can I find the literary works?
Where do I find Virgina Hamiltion Transcript, Virginia Hamilton Biography, Cricket in the Road, and "The Origin of Blue Jeans"? They are difficult to find online when I search for them via Google
How do I count Essentials in Writing and Essentials in Literature for credits?
Why are the literary works not in the book?
Does Essentials in Literature cover American, British, or World Literature?
In the worksheets, are grammar concepts continually reviewed throughout the year? Or do you teach a concept, have worksheets, and then move on to the next topic?
Do the "levels" of Essentials in Writing and Essentials in Literature match up to grade levels?
Are there many writing assignments in Essentials in Literature?
What levels of Essentials in Literature are available?
What literary pieces are covered in Essentials in Literature?
How does Mr. Stephens suggest we pace the course, especially if we are using it with Essentials in Writing?
Can I see a sample of Essentials in Literature?
How does the curriculum challenge the student to analyze the literature and develop critical thinking skills?
Will there ever be an Essentials in Literature Level 12?
Can some of the assignments be done through discussion rather than writing?
How do I use Essentials in Writing? Do you have a suggested approach?
What is the maximum amount of time I should spend on one assignment in Essentials in Writing?
What tools does Essentials in Writing offer homeschool parents to use to score writing assignments?
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