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Scoring FAQs

How do I score without the Scoring Service (Especially High School levels)?
How do I know who my child's Scorer is?
How do I know when a composition has been graded?
I have submitted to the wrong slot, what now?
How do I log into the Scoring Service?
I signed up with another email address (PayPal) and now I cannot find the profile.
Can I contact my student's Scorer?
Should compositions be formatted prior to being submitted?
Are there due dates for each submission?
Are the students able to resubmit compositions?
Can I upload Word Documents and Google Docs?
Can I email a photo of my student's submission?
What is the Scoring Service?
Will you offer a summer Scoring Service?
How much does the Scoring Service cost?
When will the service open?
Do I have to submit by the June 15th deadline?
My child does not type, can they still use the Scoring Service?
Does the Scoring Service sell out?
What is scored?
Why are my active profiles not showing up?
How do I convert my Word Document and Google Docs into a PDF?
What if I don’t have a word processor (Microsoft Word)?
Will you help me change my student’s username? It shows my email address.
I received an error code that says “Invalid User.” How do I fix this?
What is the return policy for the Scoring Services?
Can multiple students use the same email address for the Scoring Services?
Can a student sign up for two levels of Scoring for one school year?
Why do the page format guidelines of the Scoring Service differ from the EIW Textbooks?
Does a student have to submit assignments in a particular order?
Can a student submit more than one assignment at a time?
How do I view the Scorer's feedback on a composition?
How do I set up a Scoring profile?
What are the formatting guidelines for compositions submitted to the Scoring Service?
How do I submit a composition?
How do I print a submission with in-text comments?
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